Thoughtful Thank-You’s

Thoughtful Thank-You’s

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As toddlers, we want to do everything on our own.   As adults, we realize that we often need to rely on other people to get things done.  Sure, we could cut our own hair, but our skills likely peaked at the age of three.   Not to mention, it is impossible for a shampoo to feel as good when we do it ourselves. Whether you hire service providers by necessity or because you just want the help, it’s customary to express your gratitude this time of year.  Consider these thoughtful thank-you ideas for the ones that really do make your life easier.

Consider a Personal Gift For…

Although cash will not go unappreciated, consider a personal gift for the service providers with whom you have more personal relationships.  Throughout the year, keep a list of ideas that pop into your head as you chat about favorite pastimes or observe a need in their day-to-day lives.  You can also peruse their Pinterest boards for other gift ideas.


Gift Idea

Cash Alternative
Treat your au pair, nanny or babysitter to a kid-free experience or relaxing down time with….

Gift from the child(ren) (a must)

Tickets to a concert or local event

New handbag

Subscription to favorite magazine

One week’s pay (au pair or nanny)

One evening’s pay (babysitter)

Help your hair stylist or barber get off their feet or give them a change of scenery with…

Massage treatment or spa day

Stylist-inspired jewelry

Relevant station decor

Cost of one salon visit

Give back the gift of health that your personal trainer has given you with…

Certificate for in-door rock climbing experience

S’well water bottle

Kayaking or stand-up paddle-board lessons

Cost of one session

Help your housekeeper take a load off with…

Massage treatment or spa day

A home-cooked meal left in the fridge for them to take

One week’s pay

Bring a little custom cheer to your assistant or office staff with…

Personalized Planners or

Office Tumbler

Year-end bonus or $50

Make your mail carrier a bit more comfortable and energized with…

Travel mug

Hand warmers or hat

Home-made holiday treats

No cash allowed for USPS



Consider Cash For…

For other valuable contributors, consider a monetary thank-you or a little something more personal.



Gift Alternative


One week’s worth of service

Home-made holiday treats

Dry Cleaner

One week’s worth of cleaning

A box of donuts or home-made holiday treats for the team

Trash/Recycling Collectors


*(check with your local municipality for tipping rules)

Home-made holiday treats