Sensible Seuss

Sensible Seuss

 Can you believe it? It’s finally here!

A year.  One year.  An ENTIRE Year.

52 weeks of financial tips, oh so clear.


We thank our subscribers.

All thousands of you believers.

So without further adieu…

Here are some tips in review!


Proof of action to melt our sensible hearts.

It was quite easy, you see, not science nor an art.


Be kind to you, read our tips to get the gist.

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For without subscribers we do not exist!

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Janis H. and Umbrella Insurance

Archel A. and her 401(k)

Mike A. and Homemade Lattès

Million Dollar Baby
Stuff Happens
More Is Less
Just Say No (Maybe)!

Now or Later?
Looks Good on Paper
The Missed Match
Where Should I Put It

Latte Dah
Smarter Than Your Smart Phone
Ooh La La…
That Six Letter Word

Megan E. Building Credit!

Amy Z. with Setup Sundays

Next Year…

Training Wheels …Again.
How Do I Look?
That Six Letter Word
Sneaky Little Creep

Heighten Your Senses
Like a Boss
Toss Your Cookies
Don’t Stuff Yourself

This could be you here!