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Your Dollars, Our Sense: A Fun & Simple Guide to Money Matters is your go-to guide for decoding the essentials of life and money. 

An International Best Seller ranked #1 in six different business and finance categories, Your Dollars, Our Sense is your go-to guide for decoding the essentials of life and money. It makes sense of a variety of topics including credit, saving priorities, investing, home ownership, insurance, marriage, children, retirement, estate planning and much more.

The goal is to provide readers with relatable and simple financial advice to help navigate various life stages and major life events in a fun, informative manner, escaping the dryness often associated with the topic. A great shower, birthday and graduation gift, and a phenomenal read for any age.

To anyone who has thought, I should really know more about my finances, this book is for you. To anyone who has thought, There is just too much to know, this book is for you. Flip through or read cover to cover, it’s totally up to you!

“Your Dollars, Our Sense by the savvy women of Beacon Pointe, is much needed and couldn’t be better timed. Topics covered are important and the advice is invaluable. A terrific guide for navigating life’s financial minefields.”

– Charles Paikert, Financial Planning Magazine 


“I have never used ‘fun’ and ‘finance’ in the same sentence, but this book makes finance almost as fun as shopping. Whether you are a millennial, newly divorced, or just want to be financially savvy, this book is for you!”

– OCLawyer


“This book is an entertaining and articulate overview on how to best prepare for your financial future. The authors, as top-ranked financial advisors and experts in their respective fields, understand the complex and unique need set of every woman. They have done a masterful job to simplify what is traditionally overwhelming terminology – their creative analogies will stick with me forever! Useful for adult women of all ages, I recommend this book as your go-to guide on decoding life’s complicated financial questions.”

– Alison Rooney, Barron’s Financial Investment News 

From us to you: Our passion, our dream…

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Take hold of your financial future.  We’ll help you do so.

We get you because we are like you.  We are moms, daughters, wives, sisters and friends. We’re also business owners, financial planners, investment advisors and lawyers. Like you, we are busy and we struggle to filter through the noise.


Sample The $ense

Here’s a quick look into how we Financially Fire Up Your Week!

Side Effects May Include…
asset-allocation-pie-chartsTrending now: wearable fitness and supplements. In one of the world’s largest countries, supplements have become quite popular. Admittedly, opinions about the effectiveness of supplements vary, but what we do know is that everyone is different and our body’s needs are unique. The vitamin B your girlfriend takes may keep you up at night. The fish oil your pilates instructor recommended may make you nauseous. Just as supplements should be tailored to your needs, so should your asset allocation. It’s personal. (Did you really think we wouldn’t tie this into finance?)
Asset allocation is the mix of investment types within a portfolio – most commonly, stocks, bonds and cash. The proper asset allocation will depend on your financial situation, time horizon for needing to use the funds and your risk tolerance. Generally, when you’re just starting out, your investment horizon is long so your mix will include a greater percentage of riskier investments like stocks, and will slowly change over time to include a larger allocation to more conservative asset types like bonds and/or cash.
It’s important to keep tabs on your asset allocation, as the mix between stocks and bonds will change as some investment values rise and others fall. Also, be cautious when using general rules of thumb about asset allocation (i.e., use 100 minus your age to determine your bond allocation). Like the wrong supplements, an improper allocation could cause nausea as well as other financial side effects.
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Your Dollars, Our Sense is the go-to guide for decoding the essentials of life and money.

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