Tipping Points

Tipping Points

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That awkward moment when you realize your take-out receipt has a line to leave a tip. Gulp. To tip or not to tip? How much? As you ponder, the once welcoming hostess seems to lurk with judgment. You’re starving. The Pad Thai smells amazing. A moment of quick math and down it goes, a 20% tip. After all, that’s how much you would tip if you ate in, right? Wrong. You have over-tipped on what already may be a generous tip! When it comes to tipping, there is a fine line between cheap and overly generous. We’re not advocating being a cheapskate, but we also don’t want you to part with more cash than necessary. Use the below guide to sufficiently express your customary gratitude in the future. Keep it handy by saving this image to your smart phone.

Server 15-20% of pre-tax bill (NOT on total)
Cocktail/Bartender $1-$2 per drink
Takeout No obligation but 10% for any large or complicated order
Delivery 10% of order
Valet $2-$5 (optional for fee-based valet)
Bell Hops $2 for first bag; $1 for each additional bag;

$2-$3 for each additional service

Taxi Driver 10-15% of the fare and a few $$ for luggage
Skycap $1-$3 per bag
Hotel Housekeeper $2-$5 per night

(paid daily as housekeepers change shifts)

Concierge $5 plus, depending on service
Beauty & Spa Services 15-20% for main service providers
Hair Wash $2-$5 for the person washing hair
Frequent Services
Car Wash $3-$5 for 15% of detailing service
Roadside Service $5-$10
Pet Groomer $5-$10/15-20%

($15+30%+ for special circumstances)

Movers $20-$50
Don’t Do It
Dry Cleaners, Tailors, Uber/Lyft Driver, Courier
To learn more about the ins and outs of tipping, check out the General Tipping Guidelines on The Emily Post Institute website.