Ringing Bells, Chimney Smell and Holiday Lines from H*ll!

Ringing Bells, Chimney Smell and Holiday Lines from H*ll!

Audio Version: Let Me Hear It!

Well, you get the drift.  They all remind us that the holiday season is here.  This year, consider mixing things up with some of these unique, wallet-friendly gift ideas.

Give The Gift of Compounding. If the youth in your life are earning a paycheck, then they’re eligible to save in a Roth IRA.  The likelihood of them doing this on their own is probably close to that of a democracy in North Korea.  So, be the superhero mom or auntie and make a contribution on their behalf.

Bake Spirits Bright.  Spread twice the love without sparing twice the cash by doubling your dinner recipe and taking a meal to a busy neighbor, colleague or friend.

Deck The Dorm Halls.  Get started growing tax-free savings for college expenses by opening a 529 Plan.  Tell everyone you know (better yet, keep it to those that actually like your kids), that little Henry could use a token toy to open and a check for his future.  Consider it your friends and family college discount!

Stuff Their Stocking. Put the “stock” in stocking…literally.  Make someone a part owner in a company that they love.  Physical shares of stock can be purchased online through websites such as One Share.  If they don’t have what you’re looking for, consider buying (or giving your own shares) through your brokerage firm.

Be Santa Cause. Ask your loved ones how they would best like to make a difference in the world and make a donation to a charity in their name.  Need ideas?  Browse charities through independent vetting websites like GuideStar or GiveWell. Or, consider stopping the hoarding habit before it starts and make a one-in-one-out rule to donate old gifts to those in need.

Fill In The Bank.  Save time and pay the kids to wrap presents.  Don’t settle for the average piggy bank.  Instead, pick up an award-winning piggy that helps them prioritize saving, giving and investing on Amazon.com.

Spread The Wealth.  Get the girls together to bring their favorite value find in 2014 or a $20 gift card from their favorite store.  Or, save some money and consider a Yankee Swap gift exchange instead of swapping presents with all the adults in your family.  Set some standards – no ugly sweaters or shake weights.  Make it worth stealing!

May your week be MERRY and BRIGHT!