Ready, Set, Go Home

Ready, Set, Go Home

Audio Version: Let Me Hear It!

You know what they say- sharing is caring!  This week we are sharing a home buying experience from guest blogger, Lauren Bowling.  Lauren shares her journey from ‘financial mess to financial success’ through her blog, LBee & The Money Tree.  Below are a few of our favorite tips from her home buying piece.

Build Your Wish List

A wish list will help your agent find homes best suited for your needs (and wants).  Prioritize your must haves: like 3 Bed/2 Bath, and extras, like outdoor kitchen, heated floors, dressing room, wine cellar, shampoo sinks…  Wait, where were we again?  Oh right, moving on….

Prepare to Shop

Ask for mortgage broker referrals from friends, family and financial professionals.  Request quotes from at least three lenders and get pre-qualified so you know how much you’re working with.

Do a Drive By

Channel your inner Kate Beckett and do some detective work.  Start online, but before you make an appointment, LBee suggests taking it to the road.  Do a drive by once during the day, and then another at night.  They also say, lighting is everything!

Remember Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Life wouldn’t be exciting if everything went according to plan, now would it?! Keep a cool head, stay organized and remember the original reason you’re buying a home in the first place. It will all work out.

Thanks to LBee & The Money Tree for being our first “Sensible Share”!