Image Isn’t Everything

Image Isn’t Everything

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 In a world dominated by social media, it’s important to remember that image isn’t everything.  Apps like Instagram and Facebook make it easy for users to portray carefully crafted brands- personal marques that may or may not be an accurate reflection of reality.  Comparing your life to the calculated, perfectly filtered images of another can create feelings of inadequacy or depression.  If your news feed full of world travels, flashy new cars, designer handbag purchases and new homes has you feeling financially inadequate, we’d like to point out that no one ever posts their checking account balances, 401(k) contributions or credit card statements.  So, instead of comparing your financial health to misleading over-shares, use the simple, black and white, emoji and filter-free chart below to see if your savings is on track.

Saving Targets By Age

Tally up the amounts in your savings account, retirement plans, IRAs and anywhere else you may be socking money away to see if you are on course.

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