Got Something to Hide?

Got Something to Hide?

The air is getting warmer and sunshine is lasting longer – summer is coming. Many of you have started to plan well-deserved summer vacations. You’re daydreaming about relaxation or adventure, perusing Pinterest for clothing ideas and already envisioning your social media overshares. This week, we will not be reminding you to set a budget for vacation (and you thought you knew us so well). Instead of going on about how to keep cash in your wallet during your trip, we’d like to share some top tips on how to protect other valuables while you’re away. As your trip nears and you run through all of the little things that must be done before checking out, take a minute to think about where to hide – or not to hide – your valuables.

If you’ve stashed valuables in the following places, know that most criminals are on to you:

  • Jewelry box
  • File cabinet
  • Nightstand
  • Underwear/sock drawer
  • Under the mattress
  • Cookie jar
  • Freezer (yes, they’ve even figured this one out)
  • Toilet tank
  • Kids’ rooms (valuable techy toys make kids’ rooms prime for the picking)

Instead, think outside the freezer box and consider:

  • A hollowed book (if you have a big enough library)
  • False bottom of kitchen/bathroom trashcan
  • False or empty cleaning bottles
  • Floor safe (many wall safes can be easily cut out and carried)
  • Garage/attic boxes (marked with mundane labels such as “x-mas ornaments”)