Audio Version: Let Me Hear It!

You know what they say: more money, more… spending. Okay, so maybe that’s not what they say, but it’s our point for this week’s issue so, just go with us.

We’re all guilty of spending more as we make more. We understand. You get a big girl job and need an appropriate wardrobe; you buy a home and need insurance or have kids and need to pay for preschool. Our lifestyles have a tendency to creep upward. But, just because you have more cash, doesn’t mean you can afford to spend it. Unless you want to work forever, it’s important to keep your lifestyle in check. Mindless spending or keeping up with the Joneses makes the life you will eventually have to pay for from savings more and more expensive.

We’re not suggesting you go back to your futon-sleeping, frozen burrito-eating lifestyle. We consider a healthy lifestyle one that allows you to save 15-20% of your take-home pay. So, start there. The next time you get a raise or bonus, direct the extra funds to your retirement plan or savings account. Check with your HR Department to see if there is an option to automatically increase your savings and/or retirement account deposits on an annual basis – this way you don’t even have to think about it!  The easiest way to save more is to never get used to having the extra cash. Take control of your standard of living and don’t let an expensive lifestyle creep up on you.

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