Faezeh & Becky Design Workshop

Faezeh & Becky Design Workshop

I finished reading this great book yesterday! These are my thoughts:

Great book for learning what anyone needs to have in mind on life financial matters:

On savings, everyday spending, kids, retirement, investments, insurance and taxes

For someone who did not grow in this system and had no-one to teach me the financial system here I found it extremely helpful, for getting a solid understanding of the factors that are in play and getting equipped with the right financial questions to ask at the right time. I think that is very valuable. Some of the factors it mentioned I did not have awareness of before, so I learned some new stuff too.

The earlier we become aware if these matters in our adult life the better – I would even give this to someone in college. It explains all the things that bring anxiety to a lot of us, in a very simple way and takes away some of that fear of dealing with them.

This book is awesome.